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Pharmacy Schools

Provide From Watts to the World: A Chronicle of Service to students as a resource, enriching curriculum with global health perspectives, healthcare models for underserved areas, and innovative pharmacy practices overseas.


Libraries and Archives

Consider adding From Watts to the World: A Chronicle of Service to your library's collection, not just as a circulating resource but as a preserved and catalogued part of your permanent collection.


Health Professionals & Organizations

Help us raise awareness about global health opportunities and the role pharmacists have in addressing health disparities, improving access to medication, and improving health outcomes in underserved communities.

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Your insights can play a key role in ensuring that this book reaches a wide and diverse audience for reference and career development purposes.
Specifically, we are interested in collaborating with organizations and institutions that would have an interest in receiving this book.
Please share your thoughts on your interest in collaborating and/or additional organizations we should approach.

Dr. Rosalyn C. King

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Thanks for submitting!

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